About the Series  “Street Theater  "

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see."    - Henry David Thoreau

As with different acts of a play,  daylight and darkness bring their        own stories and new characters. I want viewers to feel the theatricality of New York’s social landscape, but with a film noir flavor.   These particular images were chosen to capture the dark beauty,  eccentricity and humanity of moments on city streets  - where there are many plot twists.

No two people or locations in this city are the same and each interaction with the camera is different, but when day fades to night the streets change their cast of characters and their attitude.


Nocturnal Animals   (2012-) 

Something about darkness is secret and  powerful, at once peaceful and yet unnerving. No place, no street, no building looks the same at night as in daylight. I’ve sought out places and situations that might be welcoming in the day, but could be otherwise after dark. Sometimes a slashing beam of light will cross the frame, sometimes the city’s ambient light will help create the story. One location might represent a magical story, another a ghostly tale. Who are the people that inhabit these locations at night?


Daylight Encounters   (2010 - )

In a fast-moving city I look for the simple reality in moments.  Sometimes the moments have specific human interaction, humor or tenderness - and sometimes life swirls around in a crowd with a million separate stories overlapping at once. Workers, shoppers, wanderers and lookers populate the daytime streets - a different cast than the nocturnal players.